Thursday, May 22, 2008

News that makes me laugh

Admire this guy's arrogance?

You've heard his commercials and you've felt compelled to sucker into it and give him some cash?

The punchline: He's getting sued...

Now, LifeLock customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia are suing Davis, claiming his service didn't work as promised and he knew it wouldn't, because the service had failed even him.

Some guy in Texas wrote down Todd Davis' SSN and convinced a loan officer to give him some money, proving once again that the credit system in this country is a disaster and Todd Davis is an arrogant prick. It serves him right to get sued.

You think this country is ready for an overhaul on the credit system, yet?!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama expected to meet delegate count tomorrow!

The Associated Press is predicting that Sen Barack Obama will have a majority of all the pledged delegates at stake in all of the primaries and caucuses.

Obama will still be short of the overall number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, unless he were to suddenly receive an avalanche of endorsements from the party and elected officials known as superdelegates. But the Illinois senator's campaign is touting the delegate milestone as a big step in defeating his rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

"A clear majority of elected delegates will send an unmistakable message — the people have spoken, and they are ready for change," Obama campaign manager David Plouffe wrote in a memo to supporters Monday.

"As we near victory in one contest, the next challenge is already heating up," Plouffe wrote. "President Bush and Senator McCain have begun coordinating their attacks on Barack Obama in an effort to extend their failed policies for a third term."

Senator Obama also picked up Super Delegate endorsement from the longest ever serving Senator, Robert Byrd (D-WV). Senator Byrd. In a direct slap in the face at his fellow West Virginians, Senator Byrd said:

This Democratic primary campaign has been tough and competitive. I had no intention of involving myself in the Democratic campaign for President in the midst of West Virginia's primary election. But the stakes this November could not be higher.

After a great deal of thought, consideration and prayer over the situation in Iraq, I have decided that, as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention, I will cast my vote for Senator Barack Obama for President. Both Senators Clinton and Obama are extraordinary individuals, whose integrity, honor, love for this country and strong belief in our Constitution I deeply respect.

Nicely said! In addition to Senator Byrd's Super-delegate endorsement, Senator Obama picked up two Alaskan Super-delegates Cindy Spanyers and Blake Johnson as well as the endorsement of multi-billionaire Warren Buffet.

Yesterday, Senator Obama spoke to a crowed estimated to be over 70,000 in Oregon, the largest draw of interest in his campaign thus far.

Pastor Paul Fryman

Meanwhile, Senator Hillary Clinton spent her weekend and all day today, campaigning in Kentucky. Her crowds have dwindled from tens of thousands to "thousands", which are about the size of crowds John McCain has been drawing since the beginning of his campaign. While stomping through the Blue Grass State, she said she was please that she "had the whole state to herself". Yesterday, while in Bowling Green, Pastor Paul Fryman of the State Street United Methodist Church delivered a sermon that seemed to wipe the grin off her face and contemplate a sober reminder:

The reading was from the book of Matthew.

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

Pastor Paul Fryman then delivered a sermon about the temptation from thoughts of lust and adultery.

"Have you ever listened to the Devil whispering over your shoulder?" he asked his church members. "I think you have."

Clinton listened as Fryman preached that such thoughts might fly into one's mind like a scattering of birds.

"Too often with those thoughts, we let them create nests in our minds," said Pastor Fryman.

"You will let those birds fly around, but do not let them nest in your mind."

"What do you allow to nest in your mind? Be careful this week."

Ouch! Poor Hillary! I heard that someone from Barack Obama's team called Pastor Fryman a few days before and paid him off to preach that message. Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side of politics, Georgia's GOP Chairwoman and freakshow Sue Everhart committed blasphemy in her respect for Senator John McCain. Said Ms. Everhart right before God Almighty struck her down with a bolt of lightning:

Georgia Republican Party chairwoman Sue Everhart said Saturday that the party's presumed presidential nominee has a lot in common with Jesus Christ.

"John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross," Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. "He never denounced God, either."

...after that was said, lightning struck the ground all around her, she turned into a pillar of salt and the rest of Georgia was bombed with fire and brimstone until it was no more... Hearing that news, Hillary Clinton's campaign staff conceded that the number of Super and pledged delegates would have to be lowered since Georgia no longer exists. But I digress.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Broken: The (Republican) Eleventh Commandment

It's a long held tradition that certain rules apply for all Republicans, such as the rule: "Have as many adulterous affairs as you like, just so long as you don't get caught". Or this one: "Shopping for gay sex in airports and city parks' restrooms are fine! Homosexuality and methamphetamine usage is actually okay too, just don't get caught." Or this one; "Public displays of indecency and public drunkeness are bonafide sins of the flesh, unless you're a pastor and have a radio show."

But the one sin that is never allowed to be committed under the big BIG Republican tent is: "Never...Ever speak ill of another Republican." And Mississippi's 1CD Special Election has marked the event where it is now not only okay to speak ill of another Republican, but cannibalism is now apparently allowed as well.

Redstate is blaming Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) and Chairman of the NRCC is their logical choice.

Conservatives have been voicing their frustration with NRCC Chairman Tom Cole for more than a year. In fact, it was last May when Cole shocked conservatives with this outrageous quote in the Washington Post regarding the 2006 election losses: "Oh, I don't think the problem was spending. People who argue that we lost because we weren't true to our base, that's just wrong."

Over the course of the past year, the NRCC has been rocked with a major financial scandal, lackluster fundraising and a rash of retirements. Now the committee is facing the prospect that it can't even win in a Mississippi district that gave President Bush 62% of the vote in 2004 or a Louisiana seat that the GOP has held for more than three decades.

Cole doesn't deserve the blame for all that went wrong in the three special elections. But as the chairman of the GOP's congressional campaign arm, he does have to take responsibility. And the responsible thing for him to do is pass the torch to someone new.

Nice, huh?! The Republican President of the United States of America has had his poll numbers in the toilet tank since October of 2006 - but it's Tom Cole they're going to blame.

Fox News' X-Favorite political whore, Michelle Malkin went on the attack with Congressman John Boehner, (OH-8th) and Republican Minority Leader:

Because GOP House leader John Boehner’s latest press release tonight on the Mississippi special election loss just made me lose my late-night snack.

--said Malkin. She goes on to quote a Time Magazine piece that published Boehner's reaction to the Mississipp loss:

The results in MS-01 should serve as a wake-up call to Republican candidates nationwide. As I’ve said before, this is a change election, and if we want Americans to vote for us we have to convince them that we can fix Washington. Our presidential nominee, Senator McCain, is an agent of change; candidates who hope to succeed must show that they’re willing and able to join McCain in a leading movement for reform.

“We need to stop wasteful Washington spending, fight and win the war on terror, and stop the largest tax increase in history. That is truly the change the American people deserve — and that is a message on which we can succeed.”

Malkin finished by mocking the GOP with:
How much “change” did these feckless Beltway Republicans spend on the high-priced consultants who have turned them into Obama wannabes?
...and to include a jab with an old Saturday Night Live skit:

Saturday Night Live - First CityWide Change Bank 2

Of the Power Line Blog fame, their gripe was the GOP's brand-name and how damaged it is for public suckage:

As in all of these recent Republican defeats, analysts will be able to point to factors unique to the particular race. But my takeaway is that the Republican brand is in such bad shape that the Dems can win virtually anywhere if they nominate a candidate whose position on key issues is, or can be made to seem, close to that of the Republican.
Unfortunately for the GOP, arrogance and phrases like "Pride goeth before the fall" have no meaning in their life. They've been spitting on the Democrats and patronizing them long before this Bush Oil War and $3.40, err...$3.50, err... $3.79 a gallon gasoline prices.

Does anybody remember the tax breaks the GOP gave to people who would go out and buy those monster sized gas-guzzling SUV's? And so they all ran out and bought the biggest SUV they could find and then they ran back and called their CPA's to double-check and make sure they would get the write-offs they "desperately so deserved"... Sucks to be them today, huh?!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News fame threw out the entire GOP leadership, including der F├╝hrer; George W. Bush himself.

Let me add that it's too bad that the Republican leadership in the House may end up on the chopping block over these losses because from what I've seen, they're pretty much the only "Republican leaders" in DC who can find their own *sses with both hands. Yet, even when they do a good job, it seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the screw-ups of Bush / McCain / the Senate / the RNC, etc.
Nice one, huh? An ass-chewing with bad-language!

Did you notice nobody blamed the Bush Administration for sending their worst possible leader down to Mississippi to campaign for the guy?

When the Republicans made the bizarre decision this week to send Vice President Dick Cheney into Mississippi to campaign for Davis, Childers objected to Davis inviting "Big Oil's best friend, Dick Cheney, to North Mississippi" and linked Cheney's candidate to "the skyrocketing cost of gas."

Oddly, not one of them blamed themselves.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MS 1st CD: Travis W. Childers Wins... Happy to do my part...

Travis Childers has been declared the winner in a special election for Mississippi's 1st Congressional District. Always in a rush to be first at everything, I ran over and checked Wikipedia and I made the changes and updated it to reflect the latest.
This marks three of the four Congressional Representatives for Mississippi as Democrats. And how did the race end?

UPDATE: dKos notes a political ad that ran in Mississippi by the GOP there. The ad, wraps (Liberal) Barack Obama, Reverend Wright and Obama's rural "guns and God" comment around Chlders' neck. The final tag-line: "Conservatives just can't trust Childers".

Apparently, there aren't enough "conservatives" in Mississippi's 1st to pay attention!

This comes in a long string of losses for the Republican Party. On May 3rd, Louisiana's 6th CD held a special general election between Democrat Don Cazayoux and former Republican representatives Woody Jenkins. Cazayoux beat him handidly, turning the district over to the Democrats for the first time since 1975.

In March 2008 Bill Foster, a Democrat, took former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert's district in Illinois defeating Jim Oberweis by more than 11 points. With the exception of one term immediately following the Nixon Watergate investigation, this Illinois district has been held by the Republican Party for over 75 years. In 2006, Nick Lampson took Texas' 22 CD from Republican Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, a district held by Republicans for well over 20 years. The Republicans then, didn't feel there was anything to worry about that win, claiming then that it was just a fluke, or an oddity:

But many Republicans incumbents held on, and the state was hardly jumping on the national trend that saw voters turning against Bush and the war in Iraq. Exit polling showed a slight majority in Texas still approve of the president and the war.
I think they've changed their tune since then.

A toast! And a welcome to our newest member of Congress to sit in a Blue Chair in Washington DC.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos": Ditto-Head #1

Did you wonder about the validity of Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos"? The objective, get Republican voters to the polls in Indiana to vote for Hillary Clinton as well as your own candidate. In Indiana, during the primaries, voters are allowed to register to vote for both parties; so why not?!

Limbaugh's "Pantloads" in Indiana went to work:

Is there anybody left out there that credibly argues that radio host Rush Limbaugh, on the air in twelve Indiana media markets (plus Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati, piping into Indiana), didn’t stir up 18,000 votes (about 1,500 per media market) - the margin of Pyrrhic victory - for Senator Clinton yesterday?
Isn't it fascinating to see the Republicans, who claim a moral superiority piety to their liberal counter-parts, yet reserve their right to make complete hypocrites of them selves.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clinton Campaign material up on Craigslist already..

Only on Wonkette...

...Well, ya gotta find someway to get your money back!!


Media Created Clinton's Electability

via AfterDowningStreet:


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Take Action Now: CISPES

From May 5-9 CISPES chapters around the country are taking action to denounce U.S. government inquiries into the work of CISPES and to raise awareness about the U.S. role in ongoing human rights abuses and problems leading up to the 2009 elections in El Salvador.
In January CISPES received a letter from the Department of Justice saying that the U.S. government suspects the organization of being an “agent of a foreign principal”, which would require CISPES to register under the “Foreign Agent Registration Act.” The justification was a claim that the leftist FMLN party in El Salvador had hired CISPES to do public relations and fundraising support for its presidential campaign in the U.S., but little credible evidence was provided. You can read more about the CISPES DoJ case here.

Bush and the right-wing Salvadoran ARENA party want to stop CISPES from providing effective solidarity. We understand that this threat is meant to frighten us into changing the nature of our work, such as our campaign against the US-sponsored International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), against the draconian Salvadoran anti-terrorism law, and in favor of the right to free and fair elections in El Salvador. They want to make us think twice about standing with the FMLN as a leading opponent of US dominance in Latin America. While we take the government’s threat seriously, we have no intention of toning down our solidarity work.

Please take a moment to defend CISPES’ solidarity work by denouncing the government’s attempts to stop our organizing efforts! Organize and join CISPES’ work against the ILEA, which has brought further human rights abuses to El Salvador! Speak out against the anti-terrorist law, which is targeting and criminalizing the social movement! Demand free and fair elections in El Salvador! Your action is critical in defending the right to organize, in solidarity with those who are struggling to have REAL democracy in El Salvador.

To use an old AIDS axiom: Silence = Death


dKos: Still no Lake County (Indiana)

I'm watching tonight's primaries in NC and Indiana. It's a huge nail-biter. err... Well, now that I've taken a second look, it would appear I no longer have any nails to bite.

Shamelessly plagiarized from dKos:


72 percent reporting

% Dels
Clinton 52 15
Obama 48 11

Vote margin: 42,350

North Carolina (Winner: Obama)

46 percent reporting

% Dels
Obama 57 20
Clinton 41 13

That's 16K votes Obama has shaved off Clinton's lead in the last 15%. And still no Lake County (Gary) on the left. Perdue University, Tippecanoe County on the right still missing. HRC is ahead by less than 37,000. MSNBC is saying Lake County will be updated at 9:00PM CST.

Maps courtesy of Wiki of course.

I wonder if I can still reach my toenails with my teeth?!


IN & NC Primaries: Fox News talks classism, elitism

From Joshua Micah Marshall over at Talking Points Memo:

But that isn't enough to make themselves look like total jackasses, they continue to ramble on with their stupidity on "working class", "lower class" and how good their jobs are...

It's stunning these folks have jobs themselves....